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The Message of Christ — 1979 |  Print    version  |

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Caxton Hall, London
10 December 1979

The Message of Christ and the Inherent Dangers
of Sustaining the Realisation

This is the day for us to remember that Christ was born on this earth as a human being. He came on this earth and the task that was before Him was to enlighten human awareness with the sense of understanding, that we can see its actualization within the awareness of human beings, that they're not this body, but they are the spirit. The message of Christ was His resurrection, that is, you are your spirit; not your body. And He showed by His resurrection how He ascended into the realm of spirit, which He was, because He was 'Pranava'. He was Brahma, He was Mahavishnu. And He came on this earth in a body like a human being. He wanted to show another thing, that spirit has nothing to do with money, has nothing to do with power. It is all-powerful, all-pervading. But He was born in a stable; not in a palace or to a king but He was born to a very ordinary person, a carpenter.

Worldly things are just like dry grass. So He (Christ) was so-called kept in the dry grass! To many, it makes them unhappy and they feel very sorry that Christ, the one who came to save us, was kept under such conditions and why did God not provide Him with something better? But to such people, it doesn't matter whether you are lying in the dried grass or in the stable, or in a palace. Everything is just the same, because it does not touch them. They are so detached! And they are completely in joy! They are the Masters of themselves; nothing can master them. No matter can master them, no comfort can master them. They are masters of complete comforts within themselves. They are satisfied people, which is why they are called as kings, not kings that run after things or who seek the comforts of life. I mean if you have comforts, well and good. If you do not have comforts well and good; it makes no difference!

We have our own concepts about God, that why should He be a poor man? Why should He be helpless? He never showed His helplessness! He was more dynamic than all your kings and politicians put together! He was not afraid of anyone! Whatever he had to say, he said it. He was not afraid of crucifixion or of any so-called punishment. It is only the human beings you see, who have these false ideas about life and that's why they want to put these ideas on to God also, and try and make Him also follow these concepts!"

God is not your concepts. He is not a concept at all! You also say that, «A concept is after all a concept, not an actuality!» This i have found out very recently! That is another myth that people carry i.e. 'a concept is a concept". All right, Mataji says 'all right'." So what? But even this is a concept, because a concept is a thought! You have to rise beyond thought at a higher level into thoughtless awareness, where you are not in thought, but you are in the centre of thought, in the sense that one thought rises and falls; another thought rises and falls, and there is a place in between. You are in the centre of these thoughts, the 'Vilamba' as we call it — the time where you pause. Then, you will understand Christ.

This is another thing: human beings demanded that they must be saved! Why? Why should all of them be saved? What have they done for God? How can you demand from God that He should save us? Can you? You cannot ask for that!

He was here not only to save human beings, but He came on this earth, because He had many more aspects. He came to create the passage between the Vishuddhi and the Sahasrara, which is this Agnya (Narrow Gate) in the Primordial being, the Virata. He was born there, to open that Door. In evolution, every Incarnation has come on this earth to open a door within us and to create that opening or that enlightenment in our awareness. So Christ came precisely to open this small little door, which is constricted by our ego and superego.

Ego and superego are the two by-products of our thought process. One are the thoughts of the past and another the thoughts of the future. He came to make, to cross, that gap and that's how he sacrificed Himself, His body. For you it is a very big thing of remorse and repentance, but for such people it is not. It's a play; that they have to play a certain role. That's why I do not understand why you show Him to be so skinny, starved looking, bones coming out! From His childhood till His death, He was a joyous person. He was happiness, He was joy, to make you all happy, to give you the light of happiness by enlightening your source of joy that is your spirit in your heart. He came on this earth not only to save you but to give you happiness, to give you joy, because human beings in their ignorance, their tomfoolery, are unnecessarily beating themselves and destroying themselves! Nobody has asked you to go to pubs, to get into troubles. Nobody has asked you to go to races and become bankrupts. Nobody has asked you to go to horrible Gurus and get into troubles. But you seek your destruction voluntarily. He came like a morning flower to make you happy. First to make you happy, to give you joy!

But you see a child anywhere, any child, such a joy-giving thing it is! This Christ is the child of the Divine, that came on this earth as a child. It's the most joy-giving thing and that's why Christmas for all of us, for the whole universe, should be a festival of great joy! For he brought light for us, by which we can see that there is someone called as 'God'; there is someone Who is going to remove this ignorance. This was the first beginning of the light. So for us it is necessary to be joyous, happy and relaxed and not to take anything as seriously as we do, because Divine life does not make you serious! Because it is all a 'play'. It is a Maya.

I have seen in all the rituals people follow, in all the so-called religious people, they are too serious to be religious! A religious person is bubbling with laughter! He does not know how to hide his joy and he does not know how to control his laughter, when he sees people unnecessarily serious! I mean, nobody is dead! The way people say it sometimes, you just don't know what to do with yourself. There is nothing in the world for a person like Christ to feel sad about. If you really believe in Him, then first of all, please give up this silly sadness and sulking and sitting down and becoming morose, not talking to anyone; silent bores all over.

This is not the way to look at Christ. See how he went and talked to the multitudes! How he opened His heart to all the people around and He tried to give them happiness. He has said that you are to be born again, that is, He had to do this work and that you have to get it sometime. He has promised that you have actually to be born again. Christ is to be born within us. I do not know what Christians understand out of this? How do you become 'born again'? Not by going through the ritual of baptism! Somebody coming from the theological college cannot make you a Christian! You have to be a person who is authorised by God. Unless and until you are authorized by God, you cannot give joy.

He (Christ) came to enlighten your awareness, because He respected your awareness, the point at which it had reached. And He has promised that you are to be baptized; you are to be born again and now, in Sahaja Yoga, this promise is being fulfilled! So be joyous that here at the Agnya Chakra [Narrow Gate] Christ is again born anew within you and He is there and you know how you can ask for His help, always. That is the main thing one has to understand, that the time has come for you to get all that is promised in the Scriptures, not only in the Bible, but in all the scriptures of the world. The time has come today, that you have to become a Christian, a Brahmin, a Pir, through your Kundalini awakening only. There is no other way out.

And that your last judgment is also now. Only through Kundalini awakening God is going to judge you. How is he going to judge you, otherwise? You think of somebody now, a person comes in now; here is somebody sitting to judge you. How? By how many hairdressers you have been to? Or how many suits you have stitched for Christmas? Or what presents you have bought, or how many cards you have sent? Or the price [with which] you have bought [it]? That's not the way!

Which way are we going to be judged by God? «Not superficially», people say. So what depth have we got? Let us see how far we can go in our depth. At the most, we reach a point where we are a concept again. So, whatever depth we have got only goes up to the rationality, up to the concept point. Beyond that we cannot reach! So how can we be judged?

How are people judged if they go to the doctor? He has his instruments, he works it out, puts the light in, sees for himself and says this is the position. And how is your spirituality going to be judged? How is a seed judged? By sprouting it. When you sprout the seed and when you see its germinating power, you know [whether] it is a good seed or a bad seed. In the same way, you will be judged by the way you are germinated. The way you receive your realization, the way you respect it. That's the way you are going to be judged and not by the kind of matching dresses you are wearing or by the hairdresser you go to. Not by the positions you occupy or the big politicians or bureaucrats you become. Not by the kind of houses you have built and what kind of 'so-called' Nobel prizes you have won. You are also not going to be judged by your philanthropic work. By that you think that you have given so much money. (If you have given so much money there will be a big ego hanging somewhere, and it will bring you down on your scale!)

This is a judgment in which a little feather is going to weigh much more than a ship. It's a different type of judgment of a personality. We can see how Christ was judged by human beings and how He was judged by God. He came and lived in the dried straw like a feather. His Mother never felt this discomfort. In the same way, those who have not oppressed others by their behaviour, or who have not taken offence; they are going to be judged as First Class.

In the Kundalini awakening itself there are inherent defects. Inherently, the Kundalini has some defects due to your previous Karmas. Because what you have been doing in this lifetime, because what you have accepted as reality, which is just a concept, because when you have not known the Absolute whatever you will be doing, that will be born of ignorance. Whatever you have done in darkness will have a particle of darkness in it. So without having realization if you have propagated that we are great saints, this, that, you will have no chance. If you think you are a divine personality and you are a realized saint no chance. All the priests of all the religions will be the last to get realization.

Valmiki in his Ramayana has said a very interesting story that a dog was asked what do you want to be in your next life. So he told make me anything, but do not make 'Mathadhish' (a person like priest), make me anything but not a priest anywhere. Just imagine a dog having that wisdom! But I do not say that all of them are like that. May be some who are really genuine. Some may be really realized people may be authorized by God. But I am sure they are not accepted by the multitudes. I am sure of that. Because I have seen your history and all such people have been discarded and have been tortured.

But now the time has come to judge the right and the wrong. You cannot crucify any more. You cannot! Everyone is going to be judged through Kundalini awakening.

Now you should know there are three categories of human beings. I do not know which way to start, not to shock you. One is the human beings as we are. They are called as Nara Yoni. The second category is Deva Yoni, those who are born seekers or realized souls. And the third ones are called as Rakshas. These are called as Gandas. But we can say the species among human beings are Rakshasas, are the people who are evil. So we have evil people, excellent people and we have in-between people.

Excellent people are very few. They are born-realized. I do not have their problem much. But one has to deal with the people who are in the centre. They are looking towards good but have something hanging on to them which is not so good. So for these people there are inherent defects in the Kundalini which we must understand.

The first of them is bad health, physical bad health. In this country specially, people suffer too much from cold and other troubles due to over calcium in the water. In the same way according to the countries — ('sthanvishesh' as they call it), you have your problems. Like in our country we have some problems. Like in your countries you have certain problems, the physical problems according to the country where you have taken birth. Most of you have decided to take birth in a particular country. That's why you are identified also to such an extent sometimes that you think there is no defect. Every country has a variety according to which you suffer a certain amount of setback in your health.

So for a Sahaja Yogi one should know that health is a very important thing. Because this body is the temple of God and you have to look after your health and you know also when the Kundalini rises the first thing that happens is that your health improves because of the parasympathetic fulfillment. Because the parasympathetic gives you enlightenment, which flows into the sympathetic, your health improves.

I will not tell about it very elaborately today because time is short but if you read any book — have not written much — but if you listen to my lectures and some of them that are written down, then you will know how Kundalini helps to cure most of the diseases except for those that are being tempered by human elements — like kidney trouble. A person has been cured by Sahaja Yoga. No doubt, we can cure kidney trouble but a person who has been on the machine you try but you cannot cure. We can give him longevity but he cannot be cured. But to cure people is not your job by any chance! You must remember this! No Sahaja Yogi should take to curing people! They can use my photograph, but not to curing because it means you are a big, philanthropic personality. I have seen people who have been curing, get into such a mania of curing, that they forget that they are also catching something and they are also getting some trouble and they never cure themselves and ultimately I find they also get out of Sahaja Yoga. But with the photograph you can cure people.

Do not think it's your duty that you are a great physical benefactor. No, you are not. You are a spiritual benefactor but as a by product, the body of the person improves, because if Christ has to be awakened, if God has to come in this body, then this body is to be cleansed. It is done by Kundalini. But it does not have a separate work like hospitals.

I have known people who went so mad with the power of curing that they started visiting regularly the hospitals and they ended up in the hospital also. They would not even come to the programs. They would not come and see me. So this is one of the greatest hurdles of God, is the Vyadhi, the bodily ailments. And the bodily ailments also should not keep you down too much. If you have some problem forget it. Gradually you will improve. For some people it takes some time to get alright. But then the main thing is to get to your spirit. So do not always say «Mother cure me, Cure me, Cure me». But just say «Mother keep me in the spiritual life». You will be cured automatically. It may take time with some people but you have been sick all your life. It does not matter if it takes a little more time and also follow the methods, which we have told for the different diseases.

Specially in this country [England] the liver and what you call this gout and all this troubles. We have remedies for all these, but it is to work it out as a duty towards your body, towards the temple. And that should not be the end of your life! That is a very little part, like cleaning the whole place, and then you get out! That's how, we do not go to that extent so that it becomes a sort of real Sahaja Yoga while the rest, which is the most important thing, goes to God.

Health is important. But attention should be on your Spirit. It should be on your Spirit because it is your attention, which goes into these various directions and gets stuck up. You must allow it to work out and it will work out!

The second hurdle which I feel is what they call as 'Akarmanyata', meaning a person who 'does not want to work it out'. Of course, those people who are useless do not want to get their realization, forget about them. But, even after getting realization it is an innate problem with people that they do not want to work it out! They are lazy! In simple words, they are lazy. In Sahaja Yoga we have to be alert. What exactly happens in Sahaja Yoga when people come here? They get their realization. They get the cool breeze and is lost again. The reason is that they do not want to work it out!

Another danger is 'Akramanyata' [i.e.] when it is lost, after one year they come back: «Mother, we do not believe in it but I have some pain in the stomach, will you cure?!»… Instead of you becoming equipped with all the powers that you have, you become a useless person coming here to take My time! These powers are all within you! This is your property! This is the property of your Spirit which is caring inside, which is bound to manifest! But because of such 'hurdles' that you accept, it does not. This is 'Akramanyata' which we can say is 'not working it out, not knowing about it, not understanding it, what Sahaja Yoga is, how to manipulate this, what vibrations are, how it works out.'

People just say: «Oh, it is too much!» because they do not want to face the reality! Because, as soon as your Kundalini comes up, as soon as the light comes in, before the eyes are closed, you suddenly see the light come in, and you do not want to open your eyes, because it's too much, for you were sleeping! Even if you open your eyes a little bit, Oh God!.. you do not want to face the light, because you are identified with that [former] state. You do not want to open your eyes! Kundalini opens your eyes, no doubt! But again you close it down. So it's in your freedom to give up that 'Akarmanyata'.

Now this can also be very collective. I can tell you this much, it is a very big 'disease' and it spreads — like the husband says that 'the wife is there'. The wife is one like that, instead of the husband raising the wife, he will succumb to the wife, especially in the West. It is just the opposite in India, because there, the husband is more dominating, and a wife will succumb to her husband.

So what happens is that out of the two who have got it, [the two] have also lost it. Instead of both of them being very well realized, and [they] could both be very well realized, if the one could put [assert] his will [and say]: «No, I will check, I have eyes to see, let me see, I must give myself a chance»… If they accept it then, it works out, and then they go to the second step.

Everything cannot just be like a finer jet, [i.e.], sit down here, and the next moment you are on the moon! Even if you «are» on the moon, you may start with the third danger which is 'Sanshaya', doubt. I do not know how to describe this madness of doubting. For example, out of all of you who have been here, a certain percentage have the second day come out with the great statement of: «Still I am doubting.» Is that a sign of wisdom?! What are you doubting?! What have you found so far? Where does this [doubting] come from? It is 'Mr. Ego' about which I have given lecture after lecture! It is 'Mr. Ego' who is 'doubting it'. Because he does not want you to find the Absolute! You are identified with your ego and you do not want to find the Absolute because this 'Mr. Ego' has been guiding your life through, so now you want to doubt! Doubt what?! What are you doubting?!

You feel the cool breeze. All right, sit down then! It would be something like somebody entering a college or university, sitting down there, and the teacher saying: «Now, this is the diagram I will give you». The students then get up and say: «We doubt!» Really, what can the teacher say?! But they [the students] will not say anything because they have paid their fees. Even if it is a horrible, boring, drama, they will still go through with it because they have paid. But for Sahaja Yoga, you cannot pay! I have seen all kinds of tomfoolery with people accepting so many Gurus, like somebody says: «I am going to teach you to fly!» They [the students] are absolutely ready for that, pay the money, and do not doubt even one little bit — [not even] that the fellow who is propagating it, is he flying?! Have you seen him flying anywhere?! Please! At least ask that person to fly! Yet they will see the Kundalini rising. With their eyes they will see it pulsating, rising, breaking here; still they will sit down and say: «I am doubting!»

Now, who are you? How far have you reached? «Why» are you doubting? 'What" are you doubting? 'What" have you known about your Self? Now, humble yourself at this point. Humble down in your heart: «I have not known my Self. I have to know my Self. I have not known my Self. I have not got the Absolute. With what instrument, am I doubting?» This is one of the greatest hurdles of Kundalini awakening — even after awakening! Called 'Sanshaya', doubt.

The last danger which you should know about is that you start feeling that you have become God, or like an incarnation or something. This is the biggest danger! Then you start taking the law into your own hands and start ordering others [about], or doing all kinds of high-handed business, or you might get over-satisfied with yourself. This is a very big danger! Humility is the only way to know that there is an ocean before you. You have got into the boat alright, but you have to know a lot, you have to understand a lot. And you have still to attend to your attention, to your Chitta, to your awareness. And you have still to 'work it out' in such a way that you really establish yourself as a full-fledged Sahaja Yogi, by which collectivity becomes a part and parcel of your being, by which you have no doubts left.

From thoughtless awareness you jump into doubtless awareness. Unless and until that happens to you, it is not My [state], but is a state in which the Kundalini will [only] rise whenever you raise your hands. Unless and until you've achieved that state [of doubtless awareness] please try and work it out. Do not be lazy. You have to see around yourself; meet people; talk to them. The more you talk about it, the more you do it. The more you give it, the more it will flow. The more you sit at home, 'Oh, I am doing my Puja at home'! Nothing doing! It will stagnate and stagnate. You have to give it to others. You have to give it to more and more people. Thousands of them have to have it!

Thousands of them have to have it! And that's why it is important that you do not get bloated with the idea that you have all the powers of the world already manifesting. When these Powers really manifest you are never aware of them. Absolutely! I mean, imagine the sun saying, I am the sun. Does he say he is the sun! 'What's there?' If you go and ask the sun, Are you the sun?, He will say, Yes, by the way, I am; what can I do about it? It's that simple. You become a very simple person. Absolutely simple! Because, there is no camouflage, no complication. You are that. So if anybody asks you a 'funny' question you say, by the way, what is there to ask? It is true. I mean, I am a realized soul. I am. What does it matter? We have to go to Sahaja Yoga, with this understanding. I must say, I am surprised how it is working miraculously. And it is working out! But it's you, who can settle it within yourself!

Now, among you, some are only on the periphery. We keep them on the periphery. That you know very well. Some of them come in the centre. And there are some, very few, who are in the inner circle. All of them are in a state where they can be thrown out like a tangent goes out, you see. And then you do not understand why a Sahaja Yogi behaved like that. If you see some Sahaja Yogi behaving like that, going at a tangent, know that you might do the same. So be careful.

So today at this juncture when we are celebrating a great event of Christ's life, let us know Christ is born within us. And the Bethlehem is within us. You do not have to go to Bethlehem. It is within us. He is there and we have to look after it. It is still a child. You have to respect it. And you have to look after it. So the fight really grows and people know that you are realised souls. Nobody will doubt that.

May God Bless You All.

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