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Talk to Bridegrooms 2002 |  Print    version  |

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

15 September 2002

I’m very happy that you all have decided to marry in Sahaja Yoga, but there are certain responsibilities which you must have. It’s not like other marriages – that today you marry, tomorrow you divorce, then you do this, do that. Nothing of the kind. Youare marrying in Sahaja Yoga because we want to strengthen SahajaYoga.

You’ll have wife, she’ll look after you, she’ll be kind to you, she’ll be loving you because she is a Sahaja Yogini. Andyou should also be very kind to her. Don’t try to dominate, don’t try to pass her to your ideas. Seewhat she wants. Youmust know how to love your wife, otherwise marriages are not possible. Butonce you divorce in Sahaja Yoga we will never marry you again – this we have decided now. Orin any way, if you desert your wife or leave her or do something irresponsible about your marriage, in Sahaja Yoga you have noplace.

So, once for all, now only you decide that you are marrying it’s a very, very big responsibility. Wewant Sahaja Yoga marriages to be very successful and all of you should enjoy a very happy married life. Nouse dominating, no use controlling, but enjoying each other’s company. Because your wife is also Sahaja Yogini, you are also Sahaja Yogi. Andwe don’t marry you unless and until you are Sahaja Yogis. Thereason is: we are enlightened people, we are of higher awareness. Wehave our spiritual life. Wehave to show in our lives how you behave very much differently from others who are stupid people, who go on fighting, spoiling, everything.

So that you will have nice children, look after your children, look after your family, that’s your first thing. Ofcourse, some of you will be very busy with your work. It’s all right, but loving the wife, looking after her, looking after children is very important. Otherwise you should become bachelor, you should not marry. Butif you are marrying, you are taking the responsibility of the wife. Sheis the daughter of somebody and the father is giving the daughter to you. So, so far boys have behaved very well, Imust say, in Sahaja Yoga and so now you should also have wisdom and understanding that you are here to produce Sahaja Yogi children, to help in Sahaja Yoga, because we have to change the world. It’s to be emancipated. Ifyou have very lower level of understanding of marriage it won’t workout.

So I’ve to make a very great respect, with great respect Ihave to make a very humble, Ishould say, request to you that – please, please – if you are entering into a married life in Sahaja Yoga, you have to understand your responsibility, it’s a very great responsibility. It’s a responsibility for the whole world, because we have to change the whole world. Andif you behave like other husbands of your country or of other countries then what’s the use of marrying in Sahaja Yoga? Youcan go and have a nice marriage outside. Butif you are marrying in Sahaja Yoga you have to know it’s a big battle against evil, against injustice and also against all kind of mismanagements. Wewant to make a beautiful world and to make a beautiful world we need people who are beautiful, who themselves respect everyone.

So, Ihave to make again and again same request to you that you be very good, humble and respecting husbands. Don’t follow others, because I’ve had funny things and Iwas surprised how could these people become like this in marriages in Sahaja Yoga. Butwe found out they were all mad, lunatics, and they behaved in a lunatic manner.

So aggression and all these things are not allowed. Youare marrying these girls specially for the benefit of the whole world. Notonly yourself, not only your children, your family, but the whole world, before the whole world you have to show that you are a very sensible, wise and highly evolved person. Thisis not a marriage of a lower type of people. Soit’s a responsibility with you to show that you are very matured and that you have that feeling of enlightenment within you. Andyou are enlightened people. Andyou can enlighten the wholeworld.

Of course, because the wife is coming from another family, another country maybe, so there will be little difference of understanding. Soyou make her understand, you have to talk to her, you have to tell her, ‛All right, come along, sit down.“ But no use losing temper and getting angry. Whatever explanation you may give for that is not good. It’s not going to help you. Iwant to see all of you how you show successfully that you are very nicely married to your wives. ButI don’t say you spoil them, by no means, I’ve already told them. Don’t have to spoil them, but let them be also on the good lines of Sahaja Yoga. Andbecome good volunteers of Sahaja Yoga. They’ll be very good mothers and they’ll create those children which we want now, who will completely change thisworld.

So, Ihope you agree with Me and if you agree well and good. Ifyou don’t agree, even now you can leave and you can give up – Iwill not mind at all. Butafter marriage if you try to misbehave or if you try to divorce, youhave no place in Sahaja Yoga. We’ll not have you here. So, are you all accepting it? Allright? Whosoever is not accepting raise yourhand.

Thank you very much. Thank you verymuch.

I’m very happy to know this. So, you have to be wiser and you have to explain to your wife, ‛See now, this is this, this is this.“ And let them see that you are intellectually higher, not only that, but you are very wise. Spiritually you understand. Andthen they will listen to you. Bekind, be nice, they are leaving their parents, they are leaving their families, they are leaving their countries also, some of them. Sobe very kind and gentle with them and don’t get angry for anything at all. There’s no need to get angry at all. AllMy life I’ve never been angry. Sothat shows unnecessarily people are angry, there’s no need. Justkeep quiet. Ifyou don’t like something, keep quiet. Butdon’t show your temper or anger. Youhave to show that you’re wise, dignified people. I’ve seen some husbands throwing things, shouting, doing all kinds of things. Thenhow can the wife have respect for you unless and until you are respectable?

You have to be respectable, you’ll be kind to her, nice to her. I’m not saying you spoil them, not at all. Ifyou think something is wrong, then let her sit down, you sit down and explain to her that this won’t be good from Sahaja Yoga point of view. Allright?

So Iwanted all of you to wait. Andso all these years you have grown up now, you understand what is the purpose of yourlife.

Thank you verymuch.

May God blessyou!

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